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Connect the body of Messiah 

We are part of Tikkun Global, centered in Jerusalem, and Tikkun America, a network of Messianic Jewish congregations and ministries here in the US. Part of our vision is for the global alignment of Messianic Ethiopia unto the restoration of the Body and the return of Yeshua. Here at Gihon, we desire to build bridges to foster connectedness for the Messianic congregations in America, Israel and Ethiopia. 

Our family and community expression and unity between Jews and Gentiles is one that we want to help recover in the land of Ethiopia. Its people have been burdened by decades of ethnic disunity and ungodly authority.  The message of unity and proper alignment to authority is God’s heart for the people.

We are also strengthening our partnership with Jewish Voice Ministries who has labored and poured an immense amount of God's generous heart towards the Ethiopian Jewish communities. In this, we seek to help the Messianic congregations in Ethiopia 

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