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Ethiopia Missions Team Update
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Son Light Project 

Our "Son light Project", supplies solar lights to communities that do not have electricity. This allows us to share the the Gospel of the good news; Just as Yeshua is a light for the nations. 


We had the privilege of installing solar lights for a rural Jewish community. Our team was also able to provide a years worth of food supply such as lintels, flour, and oil which are the basic necessities for the locals.  The doors are open for Messianic Jews to share the Gospel to their fellow Jews.

Teaching and Equipping 


His presence was given for signs, wonders and the proclaiming the Good News in many languages to every nation! This is the message that has been burning within our hearts as our outreach team intercedes for our family in the nation of Ethiopia. We are praying for a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon all flesh that brings about greater unity and confidence in their identity as children of light.

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