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From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, My worshippers, the daughter of My scattered ones will bring My offering.

Zephaniah 3 : 10

Hastening the Day of the Lord 

God has placed an irrevocable calling on the Jewish people to be a light to the nations. This means that His heart from the beginning was for the nations to come to know and love Him.  We believe that God is aligning the Messianic Jewish body to restore the family of God. The Body of Messiah needs one another to become the kind of bride that would make herself ready to usher and host the return of the King. We believe that the unity of the Body must come while at the same time celebrating our Jew-Gentile distinctions in love.  Our desire is to see that same restoration happen in the land of Ethiopia.  

Our vision is to demonstrate the Kingdom of God, empower the Messianic Jewish community and connect the Messianic body.



Caring for physical and spiritual needs


Acknowledging distinctive calling and strengthening identity


The Body of Messiah in Ethiopia  America & Israel 

Who We Are

We are three generations of Messianic Jewish believers contending to see the return of Yeshua as Messianic Ethiopia fulfills her destiny in Messiah Yeshua. The prophet Zephaniah suggests that the Ethiopian Jews will bring gifts to God in Jerusalem as part of the return of Yeshua, as did the Queen of Ethiopia during King Solomon's reign.  The account of the gifts brought to Jerusalem during his reign were without rival, even until this day.

The Sharpe family, Olivia, myself and our three sons are a part of these three generations working together as ministers of the Gospel of shalom. My wife and I are an elder-ship couple at Kingdom Living Congregation which is located in Kansas City and part of Tikkun Restoration ministry network. 

Yohanes is the executive director of Gihon of Hope, worshiper and a governing elder at Kingdom living Messianic Congregation. Olivia is a prophetic worship leader and songwriter, full-time homeschool teacher to our three wonderful boys. Elias, Perez and Aviad.(left-Right)

Errol (Johnny) and Teresa currently serve as shamashim (deacons) at Kingdom Living since 2015. Johnny serves as lead of the sound ministry.  Teresa serves on the worship team, hospitality committee and women’s ministry. Johnny and Teresa have been part of the Messianic Movement since 1992, serving in various areas, until they were sent out as missionaries by Beth Messiah in Maryland to Ethiopia in 1999. They returned to the United States in 2005 where they served as elders under Rabbi Jerry Miller and his wife, Jo.

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