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From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, My worshippers, the daughter

of My scattered ones will bring My offering.

Zephaniah 3 : 10

Serving God's Mission

God has placed an irrevocable calling on the Jewish people to be a light to the Nations. This means that His heart from the beginning was for the nations to come to know and love Him.  We believe that God is aligning the Messianic Jewish body to restore the family of God. The Body of Messiah needs one another to become the kind of bride that would make herself ready to usher and host the return of the King. We believe that the unity of the Body must come while at the same time celebrating our Jew-Gentile distinctions in love.  Our desire is to see that same restoration happen in the land of Ethiopia.  
Our vision is to demonstrate the Kingdom of God, empower the Messianic Jewish community and connect the Messianic body.

Our Vision
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Anchor - Our Vision

Demonstrate the love of Yeshua by caring for physical and spiritual needs

Strengthen Jewish communities both physically and spiritually 

Connect the body of Messiah in Ethiopia, America & Israel 

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