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Who We Are

We are three generations of Messianic Jewish believers contending for Messianic Ethiopia to fulfill her prophetic destiny . The prophet Zephaniah suggests that the Ethiopian Jews will bring gifts to God in Jerusalem in the context of Yeshua's return, as did the Queen of Ethiopia during King Solomon's reign.  The account of the gifts brought to Jerusalem during his reign were without rival, even until this day.

The Sharpe family, Olivia, myself and our three sons are a part of these three generations working together as ministers of the Gospel. My wife and I are an eldership couple at Kingdom Living Congregation, located in Kansas City and is part of Tikkun America and global ministry network. 


Yohanes is the executive director of Gihon of Hope, worshiper and an elder at Kingdom living Messianic Congregation. Olivia is a prophetic worship leader and songwriter, full-time homeschool teacher to our three wonderful boys. Elias, Perez and Aviad.(left-Right)


Yohanes and Olivia's extraordinary journey began when they first met in Ethiopia during a mission trip back in 2003. Their unwavering commitment to the Lord, missions, and worship fostered a deep connection that continues to thrive today, culminating in the establishment of Gihon of Hope. Yohanes comes to the table, holding an MDiv degree with a specialization in Messianic Jewish studies from King's University. He is a worshiper, leader, and elder at the Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation. Olivia, is also a remarkable prophetic worship leader and songwriter. She serves as an associate leader in Kingdom Living's healing prayer ministry and dedicates herself to homeschooling their three incredible boys. Currently based in Kansas City, their family treasures moments of celebrating the moadim, hosting gatherings, relishing in delectable meals, exploring the realms of literature, enjoying exciting family adventures, savoring the renowned KC BBQ, and indulging in a cup of exceptional coffee!

Errol (Johnny) and Teresa currently serve as shamashim (deacons) at Kingdom Living since 2015. Johnny serves as lead of the sound ministry.  Teresa serves on the worship team, hospitality committee and women’s ministry. Johnny and Teresa have been part of the Messianic Movement since 1992, serving in various areas, until they were sent out as missionaries by Beth Messiah in Maryland to Ethiopia in 1999. They returned to the United States in 2005 where they served as elders under Rabbi Jerry Miller and his wife, Jo.

Johnny and Teresa currently are Shamashem (deacons) at Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation in Kansas City.

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Johnny serves as lead of the sound ministry, a sage and prophetic voice within our community. Teresa serves on the worship team, the Jewish festival’s hospitality committee, and the women’s ministry. Johnny and Teresa have been part of the Tikkun Network of Messianic Congregations since 1991, serving in multiple areas from sounds and worship ministries to small groups leaders. In December of 2001, they were blessed by the local congregational leadership of Beth Messiah and sent as emissaries to Ethiopia. Johnny served four years in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as the director of an N.G.O. called House of Mercy Ethiopia which functioned as a home for orphaned youth. Teresa worked alongside Johnny, with the young mothers and babies’ program, training new moms in proper nutrition and early childhood development. During their time in Ethiopia, they realized there wasn’t a Messianic expression in Ethiopia, and their hearts were burdened to see the Ethiopian Jewish believers worship together and have a better understanding of God’s appointed times

Johnny and Teresa began to meet with the Jewish leaders in Ethiopia, planting the seeds of a Messianic congregation. Entrusting this vision into the Lord’s hands for the fulfillment, they returned to the U.S. in 2005 and served as an eldership couple with long-time friends and mentors Rabbi Jerry and Jo Miller. This is an exciting time for Johnny and Teresa as they are witnessing multiple Messianic congregations being birthed all across the nation of Ethiopia and they are participating in the harvest with their children and grandchildren laboring alongside them. Johnny enjoys landscaping, cooking delicious Caribbean and Ethiopian food, photography, and playing with his grandchildren. Teresa enjoys Israeli and Latin dancing, traveling, home decor, hosting, and gathering all her children and grandchildren around the family heirloom dining table for evenings filled with laughter and good food.

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